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Marketplace for Summer Programs 

  • Led project from concept to release  in 10 weeks

  • Created product requirements & user stories  

  • Conducted RFP for tech stack and engineering talent

  • Coordinated Development, Design & Content teams

  • Outlined go-to-market and monetization  strategy

  • Created product roadmap

  • Prepared hand-over documentation 


WEB 3.0 Community Building Mobile App

  • Conducted user interviews and testing session 

  • Coordinated Development, Design & Marketing teams

  • Established key adoption criteria

  • Oversaw integration and set up of Amplitude

  • Coordinated Development, Design & Marketing teams

  • Conducted team-brainstorm and co-creation sessions 

Untitled design (9).png

Herstory Apparel Line 

  • Created an apparel line from concept to revolving contracts and brand recognition 

  • Built omnichannel sales strategy, acquiring 5k+ customers with 70% retention rate

  • Developed a B2B arm to sign contracts with  20+ retailers in Europe & North America

  • Coordinated international Supply Chain logistics and partnered with 5 largest local production sites  

  • Scrutinized the market, and continuously improved products and services based on customers' and buyers' feedback

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