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AI-enabled College Prep Platform 




  • Led acquisition of AdmitYogi by Crimson Education 

  • Drove post-acquisition stabilization and integration 

  • Created & executed product and growth strategy 

  • Built a team of in-house and off-shore engineering and operations 

  • Revised pricing strategy, revamped website focusing on conversion and LTV growth

  • Expanded offering with AI Essay Revision Tool 

  • Achieved 3x YoY Revenue growth in 3 months post-acquisition


AI Essay Revision Tool

 0 to 1 



  • Led market research with a deep dive into AI capabilities 

  • Productized proprietary College Essay Revision methodology with Gen AI

  • Designed user flows and prototyped key interfaces

  • Iterated on technology to address  a wider range of cases

  • Experimented & optimized to improve consistency and decrease the cost 

  • Continuously ran user testing and processed feedback

  • Crafted copy, creatives, and GTM materials

  • Integrated the tool with the existing platform AdmitYogi


Marketplace for Summer Programs 

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  • Led Summer Program Marketplace from concept to release  in 10 weeks

  • Created product requirements & user stories  

  • Conducted RFP for tech stack and engineering talent

  • Coordinated Development, Design & Content teams

  • Outlined go-to-market and monetization  strategy

  • Created product roadmap

  • Prepared hand-over documentation & coached Growth Product Manager 


WEB 3.0 Community Building Mobile App




  • Led ideation, brainstorming, and shaped vision for Novelty App

  • Conducted user research through interviews and testing sessions 

  • Coordinated Engineering, Design & GTM teams

  • Coached a team of 6 interns on GTM, onboarding & user interviews

  • Established & tracked OKRs

  • Orchestrated app release on the App Store

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Herstory Apparel Line 



 0 to 1 

  • Designed 12 consumer product collections, gradually increasing complexity, number of SKUs, and Sales margins

  • Created and executed Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing strategy

  • Built in-house market analytics solution; collected and implemented customers’ feedback to continuously improve NPS

  • Built E-comm Suite, integrated Sales Ops and CRM software, developed custom API for payment localization 

  • Built omnichannel sales strategy, acquiring 5k+ loyal B2C customers and 20+ retailers in Europe & North America

  • Launched Marketing campaigns, led B2B & other partnerships

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